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Les Seigneurs, The Wanderers - 1979




Killings are chic. To be part of it, you must be hungry. The scene: Kerry Quinn (RJ Smith) is a teenage boy in the Wanderers. He is born in 1950 and raised in Forest Hills, Queens. Kerry is a hustler. He has a girlfriend, Sheila (Sophia Chiaurella) and a former girlfriend, Michelle (Larissa Gomes), who is 15 and his best friend. Michelle and Sheila go to a gang called the Sox. Kerry works for Tony Finetti (Lou Carnesecca), the boss of the Wanderers. Finetti's drug dealing operation is called the'middle' because the drugs are shipped from Florida to New York. Kerry is the only son of a couple who live next door to Tony and Sheila and Michelle. They have a broken down car, a couple of kids and they are all Italian immigrants. Kerry meets a gang called the Rockers. He also meets Jimmy Boggs (Sam Rockwell), one of the founders. Kerry has a problem with the Rockers and learns a little about how to handle it. Kerry works as a druggie for Finetti. He takes jobs as a pusher, as a bodyguard and he does whatever Finetti needs. Finetti has a mean temper and Kerry must watch what he does and how he does it. Things happen. Things get violent. Kerry and his friend Joe (Max Croci) hang out in a car together. This is not okay. Joe and Kerry hang out with a couple of girls and do some drugs and some "jazz". They use marijuana. They also have a few alchohol. Kerry does not want to get caught for this. Joe is less worried and a bit high. Tony and Sheila talk to Joe about the girls. Joe tells Tony that the girls are fake. Joe puts on a gangster show for Tony and his other kids. Joe is in a gang. Tony thinks Joe may be in a gang but he is too young to be in a gang. Joe tells Tony that he and his friends have a plan to rob the Whirl at a gang meeting. Tony is not happy about this. Tony is like a father to Joe. Tony feels like he has done everything for Joe and Joe has not been a good kid. Joe keeps going out and doing what he wants. Tony thinks Joe is a little arrogant. Kerry,




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Les Seigneurs, The Wanderers - 1979

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